A player equipping a shotgun at base

The shotgun is the third weapon that you unlock, it is unlocked by sacrificing 25 diamonds.
The shotgun

The shotgun in the weapons menu


The shotgun (like most other shotgun's in games) deals a large amount of damage which is sure to de ones shields if not upgraded. However it is largely useless at long range and deals little to no damage at medium range. But is feared by many on close quarters maps.


The Shotgun fires 7 rounds per magazine unless upgraded in either the individual weapon or the talent section. The combined force of each relatively weak shot does a significant amount of damage against almost any type of enemy solider. A near miss can still inflict grevious damage; the Shotgun's powerful 8 gauge shell can punch through shields easily, making the Shotgun a great weapon for taking on armored infantry in close quarters combat. The Shotguns top loading system allows a user to reload the shotgun with speed and ease for quick firing.

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